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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

And no, I don’t mean Christmas, although here in the Philippines the holidays start as soon as September 1 rolls around. If you think I’m kidding, just know I once went out at 7am on the first of September and saw a bunch of stores setting up parol displays. Department stores bring out the winter wonderland soundtracks. Street kids warm up their vocal chords and dust off their makeshift maracas.

But my favorite part of September is that it signals the start of fall season, which means I can now wear my favorite lipsticks without being judged for wearing dark red lipstick all the time.

(I use the term “fall” loosely; living in a tropical country, we don’t have seasons, just two states of weather: flames of Mordor, or the biblical deluge. “Fall” for us is the start of the rainy season aka I need to start wearing boots out to walk through the flood.)

I recently decided to make my bank account cry and got myself the gorgeous Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, because everyone was posting about it and because the colors were pretty much screaming my name. And let me tell you, it’s an amazing investment. All the colors are smooth and richly pigmented (I made the mistake of going in a little heavy on Realgar once and I had to wipe my whole eye look off to do over), with excellent color options – very warm, perfect for fall. Fallout is minimal. There are fourteen (14) shades in total, eleven mattes and three shimmers (Primavera is my favorite). It’s my favorite palette of the moment to play with.



That’s my fall makeup lineup (missing the new lipsticks that came in recently) – a lot of berry love going on. Reds and dark shades have always been my favorites when it comes to lipsticks, just because I love the bold splash of color that they add and because they universally just look great. 

L-R: Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me matte lippies in Scene Stealer and Mistletoe Kiss; ColourPop Ultra Matte lipsticks in Avenue and More Better; Pink Sugar Sugar Tint lip+cheek in Code Red and Vampy Vixen; Happy Skin Glam Squad liquid matte by Sarte; Pop Beauty matte lipstick in Blackberry Burst

I’ll do a separate post for my Happy Skin matte lippies and my ColourPop collection (all of which, actually, are perfect for fall minus Instigator) when I get round to swatching them.

Anyone else excited for dark berry lipsticks, winged liner, and plum eye looks? My makeup and scarf collection are so ready!!



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