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Problems of a makeup newbie.

Seriously, why does it take so long to get my face done??

I still remember when my idea of “makeup” was face powder and tinted lip balm. Then I stepped up my game and added mascara (my first tube of Maybelline Great Lash – I think we all started with that). Then lipsticks (Wet N’ Wild Megalast). Then a little foundation (probably in the wrong shade too).

The first part of my makeup “collection” to expand were my lipsticks. Ever since I started doing pole dance, I’ve been obsessed with collecting. They’re easiest to wear to class or even when I go out; one swipe of color and I already look more put together than when I got out of the shower. They’re a great statement for an otherwise plain face, and they come in so many colors. Plus brands like ColourPop, Maybelline, and Pink Sugar are very affordable and have great shade ranges.

Now I’ve got the full range of products (primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder, contour, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, false lashes, eyebrow definer and lipstick) and my next challenge is getting them all on my face in a reasonable amount of time.


I gotta say, this is freaking ridiculous. How do you people do it in less than an hour?! What crossroads demon must I summon??

(And how do you have the space?)

I do love the results though. I especially love playing around with eye products because they’re my favorite of my facial features. I used to hate wearing false lashes because they just felt so damn weird, but you gotta admit they really add to the look.

I am so not used to having eyebrows though.

A whole new ball game from face powder and Nivea Cherry balm.

It’s insanely fun experimenting, though, although I do wince whenever I take off my ABH eyeshadow with no one having seen it but me and whatever ghosts like to chill in my room. The only thing for it is practice, I guess. And a lot of makeup tutorials.

Until the next makeup mess



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