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Colour poppin’

Okay — how do beauty bloggers swatch multiple liquid lipsticks on the regular? I just did eight and my lips are dead. I am now balm central. But here we are, swatches of all my ColourPop liquid lipsticks! Six mattes, one satin, and one metallic.

No, not all are mine haha! This is six people’s worth of orders. I only wish I owned this many (or had that money…)


I like ColourPop’s products. They’re very affordable but high quality, with each lipstick highly pigmented. Most of them go on very smoothly and are opaque with one swipe. All of them dry down quickly, and are transfer-proof and long wearing (but from my experience, they are not food-proof, especially not with Filipino/Asian meals). The Ultra Mattes are, however, fairly drying, the Ultra Satin shade is less so. The Ultra Metallic is the most drying and cracks somewhat, especially along the edges of the lips. All of them definitely need a balm underneath to be more comfortable and for the lipstick not to settle into the lines so much. They’re not heavy on the lips, but you do feel the Ultra Mattes due to their texture. The formulas vary per shade, however, and remember that everyone wears them differently.

Swatch time!


Instigator on me is a peachy nude that’s good for everyday wear. It’s actually almost a very light coral in the daylight. I like that it doesn’t make me look washed out or doesn’t clash weirdly with my skin tone; I’ve found it difficult to find good peachy-nudes for Pinays, so I’m happy this turned out nice. It might not be so flattering on all Pinay skin tones, though, since it doesn’t wear so well on my sister.


Bumble is one of my favorite ColourPop shades because it’s such a beautiful, flattering nude. It’s not as bright and peach as Instigator; it’s warmer, deeper, and muted. This one is very nice on light/medium Pinay skintones and I think even on everyone (it is one of ColourPop’s best-selling shades!). It also has the best formulas; it goes on smoothly and not at all patchy. It’s a very sweet color and it’s my most recommended shade for first-time buyers!


Frick N Frack is a brown with reddish undertones on other people but on me it has more plummy undertones (weirdly). It’s definitely a great everyday brown that matches the on-trend “greige” lippies recently. It’s my only Ultra Satin lip, and it dries down to a semi-matte. It’s a lot less drying than the Ultra Mattes, but I’d still advise to wear a balm underneath. Also a good shade for first-time buyers or people looking for good neutral liquid lipsticks.


Love Bug is from ColourPop’s newest release, the Terracotta series of their Fall Edits. It’s the shade I’ve been hunting for over the last couple of months — a gorgeous autumn brown that reminds me of crunchy leaves on the ground. Something like a burnt orange or a reddish-brown, perfect for fall. I’ve seen some bad reviews of their latest releases regarding formula, but personally Love Bug for me has been great! I wear it with a balm underneath like I always do, and it’s not any more crumbly or drying than their other mattes. It’s my favorite everyday “fall” shade.


Tulle is my new favorite dark lippie – or well, it’s not too dark, but it’s not a very everyday shade either. It’s a deep brown with pink/plum undertones, somewhat muted. It’s great for people who want dark lipsticks but don’t want to go too bold with reds and vamps. It’s also one of my better-wearing shades. (If we are noticing a pattern in my color selection, please do not point it out hahaha!)


I sort of skipped over true/yellow reds in the ColourPop collection (although if you’re looking for one, Saigon and Creeper are good!) and went straight to borderline vamp territory with this one. It’s a great deep red that’s ultra-flattering on pretty much all skintones, and it’s my favorite statement lipstick. Even with no makeup on the rest of my face, I can wear this and feel on top of everything, as red lipstick always makes me feel. LAX is the much deeper, vampier red, but I feel this one hits just the right level of darkness to be both seductive and intimidating. Trust me, it looks great when you talk in this lipstick.


I am not going to lie, I struggled so hard with whether to buy this because of that name. Seriously, who names a product More Better?!  Who even thinks “More Better” is a good phrase to name anything??  But in the end the love of lipstick won out because this shade is gorgeous. I’ve never been a fan of pink in my lipstick collection but this is a beautiful deep berry shade that just looks oh-so-kissable. It’s not vamp, but it’s not an everyday shade either. If you’re tired of reds then this is a great alternative for a statement lippie. It looks lighter in these photos than it does in person – it’s about as dark as Avenue, but deep pink, not red. Very flattering on Pinay skin tones. Excellent with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, jsyk.


And here I brave the world of metallic lippies. I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my lipsticks (as is obvious by my color choices), so I usually stick to matte reds, browns, and nudes. But I recently decided to embrace the lipstick addict life and try metallics. I picked Zebra first (and might consider 3 Way or Mug Shot) because it’s still in “neutral” territory color-wise. It’s a nice bronze shade, a metallic brown with a hint of plum to give it some color. If not for the finish it would be a very everyday shade. While I like the color, however, I’m not too fond of the texture and finish. Zebra tends to be a little crumbly/flaky at the edges even with a lip balm, and as seen in the photos it settles into lip lines fairly quickly. It’s also very drying, even more so than the Ultra Mattes, so you can feel this clinging to your lips. However, this has been my experience with all metallic lipsticks (I’ve tried Detail Makeover’s Stannic in Pleades and Rigel, and a Kylie lippie in a shade I forget), so just be extra careful when wearing.

And there you have it! This is definitely not the end of my ColourPop adventures – I’ve been eyeing other shades in their Fall Edit, plus Limbo (a true brown), Rooch (a deep red-brown), Guess (a bold deep violet), and Lost (a blue red) among others. At $6/Php350 a lippie, these are a steal for quality and color, plus their shade range is fantastic. There’s something for everyone!

Until the next ColourPop haul,



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